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Hubs City of TortageConarch VillageKhemiOld Tarantia
Adventure Regions Acheronian RuinsAtzel's ApproachCoast of ArdashirConall's ValleyDragon's SpineEiglophian MountainsField of the DeadGateway to KhitaiChosain ProvinceKara KorumKheshattaKhopshef ProvinceNorthern GrasslandsPaikangTarantia Common DistrictTarantia Noble DistrictThunder RiverWhite SandsWild Lands of ZelataYmir's Pass
Resource and Building Zones Lacheish PlainsPoitainPurple Lotus Swamp
Dungeons Portal:Dungeons
Quest Instances Aesir Feasting GroundAtlantean CaveBartholomo ShopBartholomo Shop NightBlessed CavesBlood Rite SubterrainCity of Tortage End BattleCity of Tortage NightCoastal CaveDreamscape of LengField of ChiefsGenzio's HouseGhost PalaceKalanthes' HideoutKeaira's RoomLu Zhi's RoomMausoleumMithrelle's MansionPreparation ChamberRenton's HouseRenton's House NightSculpture StudioSeadog MansionSewer Prison CellTarisha's ShopThe Silk Road CanyonThe Silk Road CoveThe Silk Road DesertThe Silk Road GorgeThe Silk Road OasisThe Silk Road PassThe Silk Road ReefThe Silk Road RuinsThe Silk Road ShallowsThe Silk Road ShoreThe Silver AtriumThe Soul ChamberThirsty Dog Inn NightTina's RoomTortage IslandTortage Keep - MageTortage Keep - PriestTortage Keep - RogueTortage Keep - WarriorTortage Underhalls NightTortage VolcanoTuthnemtip EstateUlric's MansionVanir Feasting GroundVilla ArseniosVilla Camillus - CursedWhite Sands CaveWhite Sands Night
Taverns Armsman's TavernPurple Carp TavernThe Sailor's DenSerpent's Head InnThe Green Man TavernThe Lazuli SuiteThirsty Dog Inn
NPC Instances Abandoned WarehouseArmor of KhemiCastle of King ConanConarch ArmoryKheshatta ReliquaryThe Reliquary
PvP Zones Border Kingdoms, Aquilonian EndBorder Kingdoms, Cimmerian EndBorder to KushBlood RavineHallowed VaultsLost TempleThe Call of Jhebbal SagTotem TorrentCoils of the SerpentKhemi's Sparring ArenaCouncil ForumFeast HallRitual Chambers
Unfinished Instances Acheronian Ruins BacksideBarefoot Maiden's InnBlue Iron MineBossonian MarchesCapiton's HouseCave of ColtranachCave of ZelataCragsfell - Border KingdomsDark CathedralDeadwood RavineDen of No ReturnDune SeaMurrogh ForrestOld BarrowRoom 9Ruins of KhetSetsokhaten's CryptSiptah's IsleStillwater GorgeStygian GalleyTemple of YmirThe Lion's MawThe Ship the TiamatUncharted IslandVenariumVenomfall Caves

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