• History:

In an unknown place, Zeriti learned the ancient language of Acheron and probably also its magic.

Zeriti became King Akhirom's lover and so the most powerful woman in all Pelishtia.

Akhirom was convinced by Rufia, an Ophirean courtesan, to be a god. He kept Rufia at his flank, and Zeriti became jealous and envious because she lost her power on the King.

When Akhirom became bored of Rufia, he gave her to Imbalayo. One of Akhirom's servants informed Zeriti who intercepted Imbalayo in the Royal palace's rooms and demanded to take revenge on Rufia. Imbalayo refused, but Zeriti threatened to publicly accuse him of Othbaal's murder. Imbalayo unwittingly gave Rufia to Zeriti. The witch had two servants bring Rufia in her rooms, then she tied the girl and whipped her once. She started casting a spell to summon a demon. She drew a sign belonging to the Serpent-Men of Stygia before the Cataclysm. She put some red lotus' pollen in the flames. She pronounced words in an ancient language older than Python itself. Then a cloud of black smoke appeared and in its middle two sparkling eyes. Zeriti blew three times to the eyes but suddenly she was interrupted by Imbalayo who wanted Rufia back. She invoked the gods Hotep and Khafra then attacked Imbalayo with her knife, but the warrior stabbed her in the middle of the chest. She fell mortally wounded.

Conan found Rufia and fought Imbalayo, but it was the demon summoned by Zeriti that killed Imbalayo. But Zeriti wasn't dead. She heard that Conan had been actually Amra. She arose bleeding, intending to reveal to the Asgalun people Conan's real identity. Conan tried to reach her but the witch created a wall of flames and ran away.

Zeriti revealed to the enraged crowd that Amra the Lion was in the town, but Conan and Zeriti had already left Asgalun.

Source(s): marvunapp

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