Level  ?
Location Wild Lands of Zelata
Type Quest Giver
Characteristics {{{characteristics}}}

Zelata, a witch who once counselled King Conan himself, lives in the Wild Lands away from civilization. She is a mysterious figure to the people of the region, unknown to many and mistrusted by the few that are aware of her existence. She is able to make wild creatures help her, such as the wolf who helped Conan kill Nemedian soldiers.

When Conan was captured by Xaltotun, he was kept in Belverus, Nemedia. He escaped from Xaltotun and fled southwards into Aquilonia where he met Zelata with the Nemedian soldiers hot on his trail. The Nemedians caught up with him, and Zelata helped him by sending her wolf at the soldiers.

Later, when Conan had gained the Heart of Ahriman and gone to fight for the crown of Aquilonia, Zelata, together with Hadrathus, stopped Xaltotun from using his magic to destroy Conan's army.

Zelata gives the following quests:

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