Zamboula lies amidst a ring of oases. The city was built by the armies of Stygia, formerly simply a small trading town. The trading caravans pass through from the east to the west, and back again, which has brought riches to the city. It was taken from the Stygians by the Turanians, and is now Turans westermost outpost, ruled by a Turanian satrap.

Cannibalism Edit

The city has Darfari slaves. The Darfari are cannibals, and prowl the streets of Zamboula at night looking for human prey. The local population knows to keep indoors after dark, and do not care much for the strangers that pass through, allowing the slaves to prey on the foreigners.

The population do not do much to hinder the Darfari slaves preying on the foreigners. The huge amount of slaves in the city makes the higher ranked population afraid to stop them in fear of a revolt.

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