The newest threat in the hordes of malicious Vanir raiders is the presence of white-haired, yellow eyed warriors known to their Nordheimer brothers as the Ymirish. These warriors serve as commanders in the ravening host, blessed with the blood of Ymir in their veins, making them taller, stronger and more savage than mere mortal Vanir.

Few Cimmerian warriors can stand against a Ymirish fighter in battle. Their strength is unrivalled because of their god’s blood, and though they are humans just as the Vanir and the Aesir of Nordheim, the Ymirish are also so much more than their northern kin. No one understands the exact nature of the Ymirish, or how truly divine their lineage is, but the blood of Ymir’s true sons, the frost-giants, beats in their bodies. It is thinner than in their warlord Grimnir Stormbringer, but it is enough to gift them with remarkable endurance and physical might.

Ymirish warriors are often found at the head of Vanir patrols or as leaders of Nordheimer camps set up in Conall’s Valley in northern Cimmeria. They are distinctive not only for their height and snow-white or yellowish hair, but for their night-glinting eyes, reflecting moonlight like the eyes of wolves. When Cimmerians and Vanir meet in battle, it is the Ymirish who end the lives of the most foes, and the Ymirish that take first fill of the women once victory is claimed. Such is their prowess on the field of war, and the respect they hold over their own men.

Ymirish Concept 2

Vanir of Ymirish heritage have also been known to possess a flair for the dark arts. Many of the Vanir hold within them the sinister potential to hear and answer Ymir’s Call. The mystical black power of their evil god wells up in them, eating away at their physical forms, using the strength of their own bodies to fuel dark magic. In Vanir encampments within the conquered lands of northern Cimmeria, the gold-haired sorcerers who have answered Ymir’s Call work their foul spells, lending their god’s sorcery to the feral savagery of their warrior kin.

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