Yellow Priests

Symbol of Yellow Priests of Yun

Yellow Priests of YunEdit


The Priests of Yun are mainly responsible for two things, the cultivation of the lotus plant and the worship of the Emperor of the Underworld; the god Yun.

They believe that in order to keep the universe in balance, the Emperor of the Underworld must approve of the God-Emperor in the real world. To this end, they have been opposed to the God-Emperor Yah Chieng since he overthrew the former emperor. The Priests of Yun use human sacrifice to speak with the spirits in the underworld, and they have come in contact with Li-Yah, the spirit of the former emperor.

They have their main temple deep in the jungles of Paikang, but they have a presence in almost every village and city between the Great Wall and the eastern coastline. They perform divinations and summon ancestor spirits to advise those who need it. For a small donation, of course.

Their ultimate goal is to see the rightful emperor on the throne. Who exactly that is, only the Priests of Yun know.


Northern GrasslandsEdit

Kara KorumEdit

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Armor SetsEdit

Fengdu, Kara Korum (550, 130)Edit

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Temple of Yun, Paikang (230, 505)Edit

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