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Yara was the dark wizard of The Tower of the Elephant in the city of Arenjun in Zamora. He had enslaved an alien being called Yag-Kosha of the planet Yog, and commanded him to build the Tower in which he was inprisoned. Yara had blinded and maimed Yag-Kosha to help keep him subserviant, and regulalry tortured the alien-god in order to derive his own dark powers.

Conan the Cimmerian, who was at the time a young theif in Zamora, released Yag-Kosha from Yara's thrall by killing the alien-god, thereby releassing his divine spirit from the prison of mortal flesh in which he was bound. Yara the wizard then met his own demise due to the jewel known as the Heart of the Elephant.


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