Xuthal was an ancient, hidden city built over an oasis in the southern deserts of Hyboria. Xuthal was constructed by an ancient civilization from the east. The entire city of Xuthal was actually a single great palace with buildings and closely connected walls within itself.

The inhabitants of Xuthal maintained a highly advanced science and culture; however, their society had become decadent and stagnant over time. Much of the time they lay a deep dreaming sleep induced by the Black Lotus. In time, their dream-life had become as important and real as their waking life.

The inhabitants of Xuthal grew the black lotus in certain pits within the city. Through the ages they had cultivated it, until, instead of death, its juice induced dreams. In these dreams they spent most of their time. Their waking lives were vague, erratic, and without plan. They dreamt, woke, drunk, loved, ate and dreamt again, seldom finishing anything they began.

The inhabitants of Xuthal were superb scientists and manufactured their own food out of the primal elements. Their ancestors were mental giants, who built Xuthal in the desert, and though the race became slaves to their curious passions, some of their wonderful knowledge still remained during the time of the Hyborian Age. For example, they had created lights which were in fact jewels fused with radium. Rubbing them one way made them glow, and rubbing them again the opposite way extinguished them.

Xuthal was held in thrall by the demon-god Thog, who preyed upon the inhabitants of Xuthal. Thog dwelt in a sunken dome in the centre of the city, where it was said he had always dwelt. The people of Xuthal worshiped him, despite his predations, although, his actual presence would often induce terror in his worshipers.


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