Level 80
Region Aquilonia
Zone Thunder River

Player Limit 6

"Fools will run where wise-men fear to tread and yet in this matter I fear we must be as fools. The Picts must be denied access to the blood sorcery of Acheron. Let them be content with their beast-magics and rituals. You must ensure that the past remains buried.” - General Lupercus

Xibaluku is a 6-man dungeon in Thunder River. Set in a great system of hallways and caverns in and under an old Acheronian ruin, Xibaluku is now the home of a savage tribe of Picts that is wreaking havoc in Thunder River.

History Edit

The prison colony known as Thunder River has been home to many of Aquilonia’s worst criminals. Murderers, rapists and black-hearted rogues have all graced the soil of the island, never knowing that something far darker than stains upon their souls lurked beneath them. The Acheronians called it Xibaluku, this sacred place within the earth. A place of worship and sacrifice; where shadowy figures once writhed in the unearthly ecstasy of blasphemous rituals to unnamed gods.

Now the Picts have found the blood magic of the Acheronians and, like all savages of their kind, they seek to make the power their own. In the dark depths they raise an army of the dead and if they unleash their power upon the earth then darkness and fire shall follow. But allies can be found in the most malevolent of places, and Kar Grun the Exile looks for those who can help him against his brother, Jal Kor Bloodbane. The Picts are divided by the very thing which gives them power; the blood magic. Kar Grun will not give up the old ways, and his brother seeks only power at the cost of his very soul.

Where do the dark paths of Xibaluku lead? None know. The only truth is that the evil of man is only as far away as his reflection…

Strategy Edit

Quests Edit

Quest Name: Quest Giver: Zone:
Bash Their Heads In Mateo Xibaluku
The Red One Mateo Xibaluku
Handmaiden of Acheron Acheronian Artifact Xibaluku
Even Death May Die Rhea Thunder River
The Missing Scouts General Lupercus Thunder River
Without the Head the Body will Die Kar Grun the Exile Thunder River
The Terrible Decline Kar Grun the Exile Thunder River

Loot Table Edit


External Links Edit

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