Wolves of the Steppes

Symbol of Wolves of the Steppes

Wolves of the SteppesEdit


The Wolves are the organized portion of the bandits who plague the central kingdoms. They are organized into packs that attack all across the grasslands, howling their fearsome howl as they charge into battle. Rumor has it that they have tamed the real wolves that prowl the steppes, and they use them as hunting companions. Some survivors have claimed that they have seen bandits riding the great beasts into battle – but that must surely be a lie.

One thing is for sure – the Wolves are a constant terror in the daily lives of the Khitan people. They were once like the people that they plunder, helpless and fearful. But the Wolves made the decision that to live in fear is worse than to run free on the grasslands and bring terror to the sheep of the world.

The wolves are led by Bhangi Khan, who rumor maintains is more than half-wolf himself. They have inhabited an area of the Northern Grasslands known as the Pillars of Heaven, an ancient temple whose purpose has long been forgotten.


Northern GrasslandsEdit

Kara KorumEdit

Chosain ProvinceEdit


Armor SetsEdit

Wolves of the Steppes Camp, Northern Grasslands (1210, 1395)Edit

Dungeon Cloth ArmorEdit
Faction Cloth ArmorEdit
Dungeon Plate ArmorEdit
Faction Plate ArmorEdit
  • The Khan (Conqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian)

Faction WeaponsEdit

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