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Any night spent sleeping on Cimmerian soil will have its tranquil silence cut by the distant howls of wolves. These beasts call the land their home in much greater numbers than the northern barbarians, stalking and sprinting through the forests in search of prey.

In other regions, wolves tend to be aggressive to humans only when starving. In Cimmeria, the wolves are yet another aspect of the local wilderness that will kill a man unless he is careful or greatly skilled.

In this harsh land that breeds strong beasts and strong men alike, the wolves chase down human prey whenever they get the chance. The northerners are used to this aggression and fight back with blades, fire and arrows, but the notion that people are prey to Cimmerian wolves is a lesson many outsiders have learned only at the last moment.

As pack beasts, wolves rarely fight alone. Travelers will face many sets of snarling jaws at once, as the wolves seek to latch onto his flesh and drag him down with their weight. With leaping attacks that make use of their great strength and speed, they will knock prey down and feed even as their victim thrashes on the ground.

Even among the stoic and dour Cimmerians, warriors sometimes suppress shudders at the sound of distant howls. Hunters tracking prey for their families’ plates will rarely hesitate to kill a lone wolf that they come across in the wild, either out of spite for the beast’s kind or to slay it before it can kill the hunter.

The most common wolves in Cimmeria are the timber wolves -- large-bodied, ferocious and strong. Dire wolves, coming down from the frost-ravaged winters of Nordheimer lands, are also seen in great numbers.

Corrupted wolves can be found in the Wild Land's of Zelata. A unique variant is the Ancient Corrupted Wolf.

Ancient corrupted wolf

Ancient Corrupted Wolf

Drops Rough Leather

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