Werewolf web

The Field of the Dead is a grim, haunted place in the best of times, but lately the cries of wolves howling from the dark valleys have ominously changed in tone.

Cimmerians standing watch over the lonely fields have gone missing, and others claim that there are werewolves stalking through the mists, hunting human flesh.

According to legend and superstition, a werewolf is a mortal who has fallen under a terrible curse and been transformed into a bestial creature that is part man, part wolf. Fierce and terrible, the werewolf remembers nothing of its former self, driven only by feral urges such as rage, lust and hunger. Unlike true animals, however, the werewolf holds no fear of man; indeed, it relishes the flesh of humans, and will hunt them whenever it can. A werewolf is far quicker and stronger than the average human, and fights with its powerful teeth and sharp talons. Though they can be slain by magic or steel like any other creature, fighting a werewolf is fraught with risk. A mortal bitten by the monster becomes infected with its curse. Such victims often succumb to madness and die an agonizing death, but an unlucky few are transformed into werewolves themselves.

Cimmerian clan leaders are mystified as to the sudden appearance of these monsters. Were they drawn to the Field of the Dead by the Vanir raiders that have entered the region, or are they part of a ancient curse called down by the specter of an angry chieftain? As yet, no ds for the source of the monstrous plague.

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