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Class 1HE 1HB 2HE 2HB Polearm Bow/Xbow Dagger
Priest of Mitra * *
Tempest of Set * *
Bear Shaman * *
Guardian * * *
Conqueror * * * *
Dark Templar * *
Barbarian * D * D * *
Ranger * * *
Assassin *
Demonologist * * *
Necromancer * *
Herald of Xotli * *

D = Donates duel-wield


  • Give background colours to the rows so it stands out some more.
    • remove borders when colours are set
  • Find out Lich and Demonologist proficiencies. [Demonologist=DONE] [Lich no longer exists]
Edited slightly so it's current with classes. Proficiencies need to be checked for ToS still.
Daworm  talk / cont 16:32, 28 May 2008 (UTC)
  • Anything else ?
  • I'm sure more than just the Ranger uses the Box/Xbow.

Changed from X's to *'s, any other suggestions for this?
Daworm  talk / cont {{{1}}}

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