Wayfarer - UI and Waypoint Manager

Wayfarer is a tool for Age of Conan players used to automate updates to Waypoints and Custom User Interfaces. By using the Update Now functionality you can get the latest versions of all of your external add-ons, update your waypoint data, and launch the game instantly!

The Wayfarer Database

When players submit their waypoints to the database, they are stored in the Wayfarer Database. The master database is compiled once every 60 minutes into a consolidated listing of waypoints organized into groups. At this time the names are cleaned and standardized, and duplicate waypoints are merged. As players submit their waypoints and the database grows the waypoints will settle into their exact locations. Waypoints that are unable to be auto classified can be voted on via the Wayfarer website to ensure an accurate grouping of every waypoint.

UI Install/Update

The Wayfarer Team is working closely with multiple authors for custom user interfaces within Age of Conan. When complete Wayfarer will give you the ability to install, update, and merge multiple user interfaces together, giving you the best play experience possible.

UI Browser

The Wayfarer website has a built-in browser for custom user interfaces. Using the built-in ability to install, update, and merge custom user interfaces, the website is able to highlight the most popular UI's, and give people a unique insight into how other people play Age of Conan.

Interactive Maps

The Interactive Maps available via the website provide at a glimpse access to the hundreds of waypoints, locations, and types across all of Hyboria. The interactive maps can also provide you with direct links to the Age of Conan Wiki for specific waypoints, allowing you to quickly look up quest information for your current location.

Download MirrorsEdit

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