Wave of Life
Wave of life icon
Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 10

Mana Cost 594 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Area of effect 120 degree arc, 6 m radius

Casting Time 0.5 seconds

Recast 3 seconds
Effect Heals 384

Effect over time Heals 192 every second

Duration 20.5 seconds
An avatar appears and places a strong healing effect on any of the priest's companions standing before them and a moderate effect on the priest.

Description Edit

The Priest of Mitra's main healing spell. This spell places a blue healing over time effect on allies in front of the priest. The priest is healed for half the amount his allies are healed.

Healing Details Edit

Level 10 25 40 55 70 80
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6
Mana cost 50 150 276 419 524 594
Healing (initial) 30 105 170 251 335 384
Healing (over time) 15 53 81 124 167 192

Related Feats Edit

  • Holy Accession: While any blue heal is active on the priest, (Wave of Life, Blood Flow or Life of Set), this has a chance to trigger the Holy Accession effect on the priest, which reduce the mana cost of the next holy damage spell the priest casts. If both Holy Cleansing and Avatar of Mitra are trained this also triggers the the Holy Storm effect on the priest.
  • Spiritual Feedback: Every ally in the area of effect of the priest's wave of life increases the priest's damage for a short time.
  • Light of Mitra: While the light of mitra buff is active on the priest, casting Wave of Life gives a small boost of mana and stamina to the team.
  • Purification of Mitra: While the Purification of Mitra buff is active on the priest, casting Wave of Life triggers a small holy damage burst around the priest.
  • Ether Discharge: Restores mana to the priest for each target healed by the wave of life spell.
  • Guiding Spirit: reduces the recast time of Wave of Life by 1 second per rank.
  • All-Encompassing Spirit: Increases the area of effect of Wave of Life by 1m per rank and increases the cone angle.
  • (AA) Enlarged Lifeforce: Increases the self healing effect of Wave of Life on the priest by 10% per rank.

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