Vortex of the Storm
Level 80

Region Khitai
Zone Northern Grasslands
Boss Count 1
End Boss Air & Water
Player Limit 6

Vortex of the Storm is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in the Northern Grasslands at the Warmonk Monastery.

Starting Godslayer Mode Edit

Talk with the air or water adept on either side of the room

Strategy Edit

The MT stands on opposite side of the pool where the boss is, and uses crossbow to pull boss, MT fires x-bow untill boss is in melee range and then DPS starts nuking. If in Godslayer mode, the offtank kites the adds around the area.

The best way to start the fight is to wait with starting the hardmode untill everyone is ready, then pull the boss right after the adds have been activated that way you split up the boss and adds, and the kiter get a easier time picking them up.

It's essential a dps fight to kill the boss before the water floods the stage, you take damage in the water and if you leave the boss area. The water rises one step every 60 seconds.

There are different types of tornadoes moving around, the grey ones does heavy damage, the blue ones teleport you. Soldiers can only be teleported by the blue tornadoes if they have the debuff "Lighter than air" on them, this debuff can be removed with the Resolve AA ability.

The boss also does knockbacks on random players, try to avoid getting knocked into water or out of the boss area.

So the fight is basicly to avoid all tornadoes and dps as much as possible before the time is up. The tanks(specially the MT) must watch out for the yellow lighter than air debuff and remove it ASAP.

Team setup varies, in Normal mode one tank is enough, in Hardmode two tanks are needed. If the Mt gets low on health he can kite the boss around the pool untill he has regained some health dps should stop doing damage at this point.

Example setup HM: 1xGuard/DT(MT),1xConq/DT(OT),1xHealer,3XDPS

There is no special DPS needed, but if you want to do the Flame boss next door you need a rogue for that one in HM.

Notes Edit

  • The Blue tornado that teleport you is a spell the boss does so by watching his cast bar you can prepare. The spell is called "Typhoon" and is cast on a player.
  • The Boss spell "Eruption" is the knockback he does, dont have back to water or out of the arena, if your close to them that is.
  • In Normal Mode the Boss does not cast "Lighter than air" debuff, so tanks don't have to fear getting teleported in Normal mode.(Technicly he still cast it, but it doesn't do anything).
  • The Main Tank can use Resolve while the boss is casting "Lighter than Air", that way the debuff will never land on the solider, and he dosen't have to fear getting teleported, and can stay still for most of the fight only moving when the water rises.

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