Vicious Strike I
File:Vicious Strike I.JPG
Available to Rogue
Follow up attacks 3 (UR)
Obtained on level 9

Stamina cost 100
Effect Inherited weapon attack
Cooldown 12 Seconds
This attack inflicts a bleeding wound but appears to be a negligible strike so the rogue seems less of a combat threat. Effective when the victim is already distracted battling other foes.

Description Edit

Vicious Strike is another rogue combo that deals damage while minimizing risks of attracting aggro. It deals damage over time, and can therefore be used to damage an enemy while running away from him, or attacking somebody else.

Evolution Edit

At higher level, Vicious Strike will need two attacks to be activated.


Vicious Strike II

In-Game Image Edit

Vicioustrike Vicioustrike1

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