This article is about Valerius, the soldier from Khauran. See also Valerius.

Valerius is a soldier of Khauran. When the Shemites was allowed into the city, under the order of Salome who had seized the throne from Queen Taramis, he had along with the other Khauran soldiers been ordered to disarm. In the battle that broke loose in front of the palace, Valerius fought against the Shemites despite the queens order, but was wounded. He was lucky enough not to be caught by the Shemites, and managed to get home where Ivga mended his wounds.

Valerius continued to defy the rule of Constantius and his Shemites. He managed to figure out that Taramis was still alive, being kept captive in a dungeon nead the palace. During the battle between Constantius and Conan, Valerius along with four other Khaurani snuck into the dungeon and freed Taramis, but was discovered by Salome as they were about to escape. Through some magic, and a brutish priest, Salome killed Valerius' companions and took Taramis away from him, bringing her to the temple to sacrifice. But Valerius caught up with them before they could reach the temple. He slayed the priest, and when Salome was about to kill Taramis, he pushed his sword through her chest, killing the witch.

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