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Welcome to the Age of Conan Wiki, Evanfardreamer Edit

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Thank you for your contributions! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

If you're new to editing wikis, you might want to check out the help to get started. If you have any questions you can ask at the help desk. You can also use the talk pages to communicate with other wikians about special topics, or just leave a message on the users talk page to communicate with them directly (you can contact me on my talk page!). If you're in need of more immediate help, try asking on IRC.

If you're wondering what to do, you might want to check out our community portal, which will also contains information about how to get started editing the wiki. In recent changes you can see what others are editing right now, which might give you some idea as to what needs to be done.

To add some functionality to your experience, there are several widgets available for use, click on Widgets in your sidebar under Community. The Shoutbox is a good way to chat with others while you're visiting.

Or perhaps you may wish to join the AoC Wiki IRC channel on Quakenet!

I'm really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you!

JoePlay (talk) 22:00, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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