The Unity of Existence

The Start of my Blog - Welcome!

Hello! Welcome to send me your opinions or complains...

I started playing AoC long time ago, but I was so into another game called "Guild Wars" so it took all time from me. But now since the realese of GW2 I have now taking a break from it, if I ever will play it again. "Age of Conan" offered a free account so I downloaded it. It took ages, but it is new and fresh for me. I like starting my own guilds so I founded "Wahadat al-Wujud" wich means "The Unity of Existence". I founded it 14-06-2014 and this PvE guild has now about 70 members. Most of them are unactive, but better days will come!

Zopiclone (talk) 08:52, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

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