This is part of the User Interface that is used to Look for a group (LFG).

People Search TabEdit

Search People

People Search Tab

In this tab, we have the ability to search for People.

Options Available:
  • Region
  • Race
  • Class
  • Is Looking For

You can also specify a level range, min to max.

Group Search TabEdit

Search Group

Group Search Tab

In this tab, we have the ability to search for Groups.

Options Available:
  • Region

You can also specify a level range and member count range.

Guild Search TabEdit

Search Guild

Guild Search Tab

In this tab, we have the ability to search for Guilds. No need for The Guild Hall or Guild Recruitment websites here people.

This allows you to search purely on a level range, and member count range.

PvP TabEdit

PvP Creation

PvP Create and Search Tab

In this tab, we have the ability to create and search PvP groups.

Create Match Edit

Options Available:
  • Match Type
  • PvP Map
  • Number Of Teams
  • Team Size / From - To
  • Password
  • Time Limit (minutes)

Search for Matches Edit

Options Available:
  • Search For
  • Only Show Acceptable Matches

Options TabEdit

Search Options

Options Tab

In this tab, we have the ability to set a few searchable options with messages.

Options Available:
  • I'm looking for a group.
  • I'm looking for a guild.
  • Looking for more group members.
  • Do not show in search results.

Click one or all of the first three above boxes will make you searchable for the afore mentioned option. No need for more details. Whereas the last option will hide you from being found if you prefer to keep out of touch.

In addition to this, is to set a custom message that people, using the People / Group / Guild search options above, can see.

  • Searching for Group Message
  • Searching for Member Message
  • Guild Application - Like with the Guild Search - bye bye Guild Hall and Guild Recruitment websites. :)

Entering text in one of the 3 above areas, will most likely allow the person doing a search for you, read your custom information.

And lastly

  • PvP Matching Options

In this you do two things.

  • Select Side
  • Automatically Add Needed Bloodcoins

The first seems self-explanatory, you can choose a particular side you want to join, however with the little information known on Bloodcoins, the full extend of Automatically adding Bloodcoins is yet to be known.

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