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This page highlights the data contained with in the rdbdata (resource data) files.
 rdbdata / Conan resource database datafiles
   with addendum of assorted notes!
 list of content per files; icons/text/script/mesh/anim/shader


00 - scripts (10); map indices (371); mesh index; named indices; item names (37488); other binary/xml data nodes
01 - xml, gameobject placement, materials (skins?), event processes, 
02 - materials (skins?)
03 - materials (skins?)
04 - more materials, mesh skeleton rigs
05 - mesh skeleton rigs, textures
06 - textures
07 - textures
08 - textures
09 - textures
10 - textures
11 - textures
12 - textures
13 - textures, trees/flora
14 - flora, textures, icons, textures, scripts, binds, mesh?
15 - mesh?, formations, anim resource index, gobjects, map/zone info, speech (ogg), LIP. files
16 - 100% LIP.  files
17 - LIP. files, ???, music/ambience (ogg)
18 - music/ambience (ogg), resource index, string resources, constructions, buff strings, xml render data
19 - event/binary, textures... (black textures and weird maps)
20 - more bump maps, scripts, dds textures (mipmapped)
21 - more dds textures, odd format textures, more dds textures... minimaps!.
22 - dds textures, mesh/anim?, zone xml data, material/shaders, LIP. files, string resources, anim resources, spell strings, spell effects, scripted implements.
23 - assorted indices?, buff texts, scripted effects/rules, spell redefinitions.

NOTE::  FCTX files are merely(!!!) DDS files in disguise. To convert: remove 12 bytes at the beginning of the file (if you have exported without the header). Then, change the first four bytes of the current file (which should be 0x46435458) to 0x44445320. Now, replace the following 16 bytes with a proper DDS header, such as 0x7C00000007100A00000200000002000000000200000000000A00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002000000004000000.  This file will now look proper... (in Paint.NET, I've seen so far)

for future reference... first 32 bytes of the file are translated to 0x444453207C00000007100A00000200000002000000000200000000000A00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002000000004000000 .

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