The following are the Update Notes for the update released on 27 May 2008.


» Grouped players that are apprenticed will now get their kill XP capped to the correct level.

» Characters should now always get zoned back from a PvP game

» Characters should now be able to move away from their spot, without the server thinking that they are hacking

» Using a lower rank ability should not lock up your character anymore


» Players should no longer lose destiny quests if their quest log is full

» Corrected some typos in various quest texts

» Updated directions in the quest "A Dangerous Challenge"

» The flame on the Torch of Eiglophian will now die after a while in Fields of the Dead.


» Fix a lot of graphics lag issues caused by particles in Tarantia Noble, Field of the Dead and Eiglophian Mountains which should result in much lesser lag in those playfields

Player CharactersEdit


» Necromancer - you no longer lose the Cannibalism spell when investing the second feat


» Guardian - Fixed a problem where the third rank in Counterstrike Stance was not giving you the damage shield while in defensive stance.

Bear ShamanEdit

» Bear Shaman should now correctly recieve Blood Flow (Rank 3), Claws of Stone (Rank 2), and Spirit of the Bear (Rank 2) at level 40. (Note: If you are past level level 40, you will gain these spells at level 45, 50, or 55 instead.)

Dark TemplarEdit

» Feat - the Dread Shadow pet will successfully spawn again.


» Ragall the food and drink merchant has received a fresh stock of merchandise.

» Ranger archetype NPCs will no longer cause issues with the player's HP becoming desynced.


» Bow/Crossbow now require wood

» More than 50 alchemy items have been added to vendors

City BuildingEdit

» Requirement checks and consumption of resources when building PVE city buildings should be fixed.


» Changed the chat colors to be more like what players are used from other games.

» The guild chat text is now green

» Removed the DirectX 10 option from the option panel.

» Removed the 'Remove from Spellbook' functionality

» OOC chat channel should no longer be inactive after teleports.

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