Unhallowed Blight

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Unhallowed Blight
Unhallowed Blight1 Icon
Available to Dark Templar

Weapon Types Used One-Handed Sword
One-Handed Blunt

Effect -5% Unholy Invulnerability
Cooldown 20 seconds
This strike spills blood and weakens the victim's resistance to unholy damage.

Once struck with Unhallowed Blight the victim becomes more susceptable to unholy damage. Last 12 seconds. Can be improved with Hexer's Might to increase damage done by the combo.

Levels Edit

Icon Combo Level Required Level Follow Up Attacks Stamina Cost (at level obtained)
Unhallowed Blight1 Icon 1 32 1(UL) - 2(MID) - 3(UR) 181
Unhallowed Blight2 2 48 1(UL) - 2(MID) - Q(LL) - 3(UR) 367

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