Atomik a Tempest of Set in Rising Arms, was the first player to hit 80 on Tyranny and in Age of Conan.

Facing rumors of exploiting bugged quests and other cheats, Atomik thanks his well wishers and defends himself:

First of all, I never exploited. I was in closed beta and got a ToS to 80 during the final push. Thus I knew how to play the class well and made the perfect leveling spec. I have a pbae spec which doesn't even have totems in it(idol of set nor the hurricane totems). I outleveled the real exploiters (PoMs using their BS bugged pbae and Ebonlore chaining killing quests before the nerf). I have a life, I just took some time off work to get to 80 quickly. If you have a problem with that then so be it. Honestly, whatever floats your boat.
Anyhow, don't make assumptions in the future that you don't know anything about. It's messed up to the person/people that actually bust their ass to accomplish something worthwhile.

"Atomix HITS 80!! SERVER FIRST!" Congratulations Thread.

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