Toirdealbach's Tomb

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Toirdealbach's Tomb
Level 46 - 55
Region Cimmeria
Zone Field of the Dead

End Boss Toirdealbach
Player Limit 6

Toirdealbach's Tomb is a level 46-55 dungeon awaiting adventurers in the Northern parts of Field of the Dead.

The Vanir digs have uncovered relics of an ancient time. At the northern end of the Field of the Dead, the raiders have found Atlantean ruins and an even older tomb cut into the mountain itself. When the Vanir broke into the tomb, they were shocked to discover the resting place of a tall, powerfully-built woman, laid to rest in ornate Atlantean armor and surrounded with grave goods fit for a mighty chieftain. Her name, as written in the runes of lost Atlantis, was Chief Toirdealbach.

None of this mattered to the Vanir; they cared only for the ancient relics scattered about the tomb. Toirdealbach's fingers were cut away to strip them of their rings, and her neck sawed through to get at the torc of gold that rested against her collarbones. Her remains were them dumped unceremoniously on the stone floor, piled like the bones of a peasant. But the greedy jests of the Vanir changed to screams as the howling spirit of the angry chieftain rose up before them. Only one of the raiders escaped to tell of what he'd seen, though he died of his wounds shortly after. Since then, the raiders' mysterious leaders have sent one group after another into the tomb, each one larger and better-armed than before, but none have ever returned. Their mangled bodies fill the tunnels leading to Chief Toirdealbach's resting place, warning would-be treasure seekers of the peril that awaits them.


Quests Edit

Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Ancient Weapons Diarmid Field of the Dead
Cleansing the Tomb Leannan Field of the Dead
Entourage Leannan Field of the Dead

Loot TableEdit

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
Spectral Slayer

Spectral Cape

Toirdealbach's Savant

Chancellor Cloak

Revenant Ring

Scholaris Chain

Toirdealbach's Seal



Totem of Origins

Truestrike Armbands

Gold-Stitched Gloves

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