Level  ?
Location City of Tortage
Type Quest Giver
Characteristics {{{characteristics}}}

Tina is the NPC that gives Rogues their destiny quests. She is located in the front of Thirsty Dog Inn.

In FictionEdit

Tina is mentioned in The Black Stranger. At the time of the story she is a very young Zingaran girl in the care of Belesa. She's described as a 'a slender, white figure against the clearing sky, her wet flaxen hair blowing about her thin face, a frail quivering arm outstretched.'

(Note: As The Black Stranger is set in the time when Conan was a corsair, and Age of Conan is set when he is king, the Tina in Tortage is very likely the grown-up version of the Tina from the story)

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