Tier 2 items drop in raid instances. Sets consist of 10 pieces.

Tier 2 (level 80)

IconSmall Assassin Assassin IconSmall Barbarian Barbarian IconSmall Bear Shaman Bear Shaman IconSmall Conqueror Conqueror IconSmall Dark Templar Dark Templar IconSmall Demonologist Demonologist
Black Whisper Brutal Carnage Savage Fang Martial Paragon Baneful Blood Bloodmoon
IconSmall Guardian Guardian IconSmall Herald of Xotli Herald of Xotli IconSmall Necromancer Necromancer IconSmall Priest of Mitra Priest of Mitra IconSmall Ranger Ranger IconSmall Tempest of Set Tempest of Set
Heroic Soul Infernal Seal Necrotic Dread Effulgent Devotion Swift Talon Riftcaller


Zone Mob Type
Black Ring Citadel Wing 3 Atyr-Bast, Leviatus Helm, Chest
Black Ring Citadel Wing 3 Leviatus Main Hand, Off Hand
. . Belt, Boots, Shoulders
Black Ring Citadel Trash Mobs Belt, Boots, Shoulders
. . Wrist
. . Legs, Gloves

Token trader Edit

The token traders can be found in the Kheshatta and the Old Tarantia (X: 834, Y: 517) Reliquary.

Tier 2 Edit

Zone Mob Type
Black Ring Citadel Wing 1
(Right wing)
Excorant the Gargoyle Master Belt, Hands
Yaremka the Soul Eater Legs, Feet
Sabazios the Insane Shoulder, Legs, Weapon
Black Ring Citadel Wing 2
(Left wing)
Ahazu-Zagam Wrist, Shoulder
Incubus & Succubus Feet, Belt
Seruah Chest, Hands
Chatha the Demon Lord Chest, Weapons
Black Ring Citadel Wing 3
(Center wing)
Athyr-Bast Helm, Wrist
Liviatus Helm, Weapon

The following is a list of the T2 pieces for various classes.

If you create one of the items below, please be sure to edit this page and add |3=epic before the }} for the item in question.

Full Plate Edit

Guardian - Heroic Soul Edit

Heavy Edit

Conqueror - Martial Paragon Edit

Dark Templar -Baleful blood Edit

Medium Edit

Bear Shaman - Savage Fang Edit

Ranger - Swift Talon Edit

Light Edit

Barbarian -Brutal Carnage Edit

Tempest of Set - Edit

Priest of Mitra - Effulgent Devotion Edit

Cloth Edit

Assassian - Black Whisper Edit

Demonologist - Bloodmoon Edit

Necromancer -Narthex of Hell Edit

HoX - Infernal Seal Edit

Armor Sets
Class Sets IconSmall Assassin    - IconSmall Barbarian    - IconSmall Bear Shaman    - IconSmall Conqueror    - IconSmall Dark Templar    - IconSmall Demonologist    - IconSmall Guardian    - IconSmall Herald of Xotli    - IconSmall Necromancer    - IconSmall Priest of Mitra    - IconSmall Ranger    - IconSmall Tempest of Set   
Dungeon (Group) Dungeon Set 1 - Dungeon Set 2 - Dungeon Set 3 - Dungeon Set 4 - Dungeon Set 5 - Dungeon Set 6
Tier (Raid) Tier 1 - Tier 2

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