Thoth-Amon's Stronghold is a Tier 3 Instanced Dungeon, and contains a number of bosses. Each requires a different strategy and as expected, drops T3 armor, weapons, relics, etc. To be able to participate in a Thoth-Amon raid, you must have become attuned by defeating Leviathus in Black Ring Citadel, Wing 3, and completing the quest "The Immortal Hand".

Kharon and Daimone and Ixion Edit

This fight involves fighting 3 bosses at the one time - Guard boss (Melee), Demonologist boss (AoE), and a PoM boss (Healer). The 3 bosses should be separated, each with a group on them. The health levels of the guard and demo bosses must be kept within a certain percentage range of one another (5-6%? - Need clarification), whilst the PoM boss is ground down. As the guard / demo bosses must be kept close health-wise, it will be necessary to have players move from one boss to the other as needed, to level out the damage. Once the PoM boss is down, the other two bosses can be ground down until killed (obviously without the benefit of the healer boss to assist them). NOTE: Despite killing three bosses, only one chest drops (albeit with everyone getting one T3 relic)

Hathor Ka Edit

Begin by pulling HK away from her location - an HoD will spawn. 

HK teleports often, spawning an HoD each time. Additional HoD's will also spawn for each person who dies. 

HK spell rotation: Pestilent Blast, Misama, Virulent Spark, Various Frost Spells, then Teleports, resetting her aggro. When HoDs are close to HK, she eats them, gaining an Omen Buff, +10 damage, which stacks up to 5. 

Tanks will rotate aggro on HK at all times. 

Necros will kite the HoDs, Demos as backups. Note: HoD's cannot be killed. 

  Miasma: This is a 10 second DoT cast on 2 players from each cast. It is vital for these players to run away from all other players, to the wall, jumping in place to warn others. If this is not done, it will quickly spread through the raid, wiping everyone. Heal up as soon as the DoT is finished. 

Virulent Spark: This spawns an HoD. All players should move away when this is cast. This can give a -25% debuff of Fatigue on the raid, lasting 10 seconds.  _________________________________________________________ 


Always watch above your health bar for the Miasma buff 

If you get Miasma, be aware of other players and run to a vacant area and try to be aware of the HoD kiters 

Move away from HK when Virulent Spark is cast

Arbanus Edit

Positioning is important in this fight, there are many ways to do this but as long as you keep the mages and ranged people away from Arbanus it is a right positioning for the fight.

Arbanus has frontal cone melee damage on close range, all melee dps should be at his backside at all times for this reason. Also soldiers who are not tanking should stay on the same side with the melee dps, avoid this frontal cone damage. He has a few spells that needs to be paid attention to: Blood Draw, Blood Ritual, Unholy Word and Grim Bane.

Boss need to be tanked in middle of the room.

Keeping in mind all those spells have your team position itself, mages will do extra damage so make sure they limit their dps or they will very easily overaggro. Arbanus will cast Blood Ritual-Blood Draw-Unholy Word the whole time but if people know how to silence and run on their own, only Blood Draw needs to be shouted out.

At 50% the time between Blood Draws will increase but Arbanus will start casting Grim Bane too, make sure people do not try to lose their Grim Bane just as when Blood Draw is cast, that might cause a problem. Keep dpsing him and soon he'll be dead.

Blood Draw Blood Draw is a detonation spell, if the person who gets it is too close to others when it detonates, these people will get it too, this needs to be prevented or the raid will wipe. Range of this detonation effect is 8 meters but it is adviced to stay further away. Anybody in the raid can get this spell so every-time it is nearly time for this spell Raidleader gives command to 'line up' so that it's easier for the person who gets Blood Draw to run to a safe spot. Line up means for the melee to line up next to each other between the boss and the wall, whoever gets the Blood Draw then proceeds to run to the wall while the rest returns to the boss.

Line up for Blood Draw. Point of view is door which you entered to the room.

Melee dps: Make a line about 10m away from boss facing the door where Arbanus stood before he was pulled. Person who is targeted for Blood Draw runs to the door and rest of the melee run back to the boss. Ranged dps: Make a tight row starting from the door you entered the room. Closest one to the boss needs to keep at least 15m distance from boss. Person who gets targeted for Blood Draw runs to the right side corner of the room, rest run to the left side and return to fight when Blood Draw target is far enough. ToSes: Line up on the right side of the room, close to the middle weaponrack. Blood Draw target runs to the corner which is closest to him/her, others return to boss. Tanks: When Blood Ritual is cast, a DT sends Dread Shadow to the boss and then line up left side of the room close to the middle weaponrack. Blood Draw target runs to closest corner, others return to the boss.

NOTE: When Blood Ritual is cast and silenced there is few seconds before boss starts casting Blood Draw. When boss is below 50% of health time between Blood Ritual and Blood Draw is longer, around ten seconds.

Blood Ritual Blood Ritual will increase the HP tap of Arbanus by a lot, this spell needs to be silenced by the ToS (alternative/backup is a HoX with Silence feated to Hellfire Breath) preferably or Arbanus might heal up fully again. Thundering Voice is what ToS uses to silence.

Unholy Word Above 50% of boss HP there will be one mark every time Unholy Word is cast, it is a visible mark on the ground with a timer until the area around it will detonate doing high damage, run out of the area that gets blasted and you are fine. Below 50% every time Unholy Word is cast three of these marks will appear, same as before stay out of the affected area and you are fine. Sometimes the three Unholy Words that appear can be on top of each other.

Grim Bane Grim Bane will be cast after Arbanus has reached 50%, at this moment the four 'statues' in the corners of the room (not the weaponracks spread out over the room) will get lit up one at a time, people affected by Grim Bane will receive periodical damage which will increase over time, to get rid of it they will need to go to the lit up 'statue' and click it. Grim Bane converts healing spells to damage spells. So instead of healing they damage your raid members. It is important that you DO NOT cast healing spells while you have Grim Bane running. Also cancel all healing effects if you get Grim Bane.

Favored of Louhi Edit

To be added.

The Keeper of Artifacts / Hollow Knight Edit

To be added.

Thoth Amon Edit

To be added.

Master Gyas(side boss) Edit

To be added.

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