Thirsty Dog Inn
Region Tortage
Type Tavern
Connections City of Tortage (1-19)
City of Tortage Night

The Thirsty Dog Inn is the main tavern in City of Tortage.

Travel Edit

If you speak to the class trainers Tina, Sigurd, Belesa or Cramaleico you can access the 'night' version of the city. This night version is a series of solo zones in which the first quests of the Destiny series can be completed.

Quests starting in Thirsty Dog InnEdit

(lvl)Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
(5) Dry Times IV Talk to Alyssa
(7) A Brother's Vengeance II Talk to Otho
(7) Empty Reserves II Talk to Alyssa
(11) The Shadow Brotherhood I - Talk to Decario
(11) The Stench of Death II Talk to Alyssa
(?) Horror Beneath the Surface II Talk to Alyssa after completing The Stench of Death
(?) Unholy Magic II Talk to Otho after completing A Brother's Vengeance
(?) Remains of a Bygon Age II Talk to Otho after completing Unholy Magic
(?) Spirit of Acheron II Talk to Otho after completing Remains of a Bygone Age

Quests involving Thirsty Dog InnEdit


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