The Sewer King

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The Sewer King
The Sewer King
Level 56
Location The Main System
Type Boss
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The Sewer King
Majestic Gloves

Light Armor - Hands

Not Tradable

+1.1% Cold Invulnerability
-1% Hate Modifier
+3.7 One-Handed Blunt Damage
+1.1% Fire Invulnerability
+1.1% Electrical Invulnerability
+1.1% Holy Invulnerability
+1.1% Unholy Invulnerability
+2.0 Defense Rating
+0.3 Heroic Defense Bonus

Sewer King's Regalia

Ring - Left/Right Finger

Not Tradable

+7.8% Intelligence
+7 Fire Damage (magic)
+7 Electrical Damage (magic)

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