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The Scarlet Circle are the cadre of sorcerers who effectively control the empire. Their leader is also the Emperor Yah Chieng.

Members of the Scarlet Circle are arrogant and ambitious and two decades of commanding both political and magical power has given their arrogance a dangerous side. They kill any who refuse to do their bidding and they often engage in petty power struggles against each other – in which the only possible loser can be the pawns that they engage.

Yah Chieng encourages these shows of power; they keep the population off balance and under control. He has withdrawn to his citadel in the center of Paikang and lets his minions have free reign over the empire.

The sole exception to this is Pra Eun, his second-in.command, who has withdrawn to Kara Korum for the purpose of “solitary study”. Few know the reason for this, though many suspect that the second-in-command of the Scarlet Circle might have aspiration to become the first.


Northern GrasslandsEdit

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Armor SetsEdit

Kara Korum, Pra-Eun's Palace (1360, 1060)Edit

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Paikang, Baishan (320, 1160)Edit

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