The Price of Miracles

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II. The Price of a Body

A blind Khitan man in Tesso, named Sim Hak-Gyu, told me a tragic story. It seems his daughter sold herself to the Nemedian Army, as a sorceress in the army claimed she would cure her father's blindness. However, weeks later, the father remained without his sight.

I have found the girl, who is paralyzed from fear of the sorceress. She knows her keeper's weakness for wealth, however, and suggests that if I gather 300 sacks of rice, she will trade anything away - even her army's favorite plaything.

  • Collect 300 rice from Nemedian soldiers.
  • Reward: Kal Gum
    • Dagger
    • 25.7 DPS (24-42)
    • +17 Constitution
    • +21 Dexterity

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