The Old Smuggler Route (2)
Region Aquilonia
Type Dungeon
Connections Wild Lands of Zelata

Location Edit

Located under the mill in Tesso, in the Wild Lands of Zelata. This instance is only available during the quests listed below. Note that there are actually two instances of the dungeons:

This article is dedicated to the second instance.

Quests starting in The Old Smuggler Route 2 Edit

  • None

Quests involving The Old Smuggler Route 2 Edit

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Wounded Guard (322.9, 405.9)

Mobs Edit

  • Golden Golem (29)
  • Guard Dog (29) [Minion]
  • Nemedian Blademaster (29) [BOSS]
  • Nemedian Brute (29)
  • Nemedian Footman (29)
  • Nemedian Mage (29)
  • Nemedian Watchman (29)

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