The Maze
Level 27 - 29
The Maze 1
Region Aquilonia
Zone Wild Lands of Zelata
Boss Count 3
End Boss Maratus Demon Queen
Player Limit 1

From Age of Conan:

"One thousand years ago, the land was scourged by a flood tore across Hyboria. As the waters gouged into the land, the foulness from the Acheronian ruins of the Wild Lands as torn loose, and washed away. The land is wounded here. In the old flood scars, left when the waters receded, the darkness flushed from the Acheronian ruins has taken root."

The Maze is an outdoor Dungeon located in the Wild Lands of Zelata zone.

Quests Edit

Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
A Queen's Carapace Nestor the Taxidermist Old Tarantia
Sense of Fashion Varia the Seamstress Wild Lands of Zelata
The Last Hero Phaedra Wild Lands of Zelata
The Spider Queen's Lair Oris the Apprentice Wild Lands of Zelata

Loot Table Edit

Nemedian SergeantEdit
Ancient Pond DemonEdit
Maratus Demon QueenEdit


Shadowfall Chest

Fatetwisted Belt



Mark of Damnation

Sageweaver Robe

Deepnight Belt

Glacial Copper Ring

Dungeon Denizens Edit

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