The Legendary Turach

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The Legendary Turach
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Tortage Island
Quest Starts At Turach
Quest Ends At Turach
Minimum Level 6

Objective/s • Give the note to Captain Redrik

Overview Edit

This quest can be obtained by speaking to Turach next to the lava dam outside of the City of Tortage.

Previous Quest: None

Next Quest: None

Related areas:

I. The Famous Captain Redrik Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the note to Captain Redrik

Journal Entry Edit

Turach the blacksmith has asked me to take a note to his former friend, Captain Redrik of the Naglfar, to pick up a crate of special blue steel from Cimmeria. The Naglfar is on the north side of the harbor.

Reward Edit

XP: 0

Money: 0

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