Last Legion

Symbol of Last Legion

When the Mandate was declared, almost two decades past, the new Emperor Yah Chieng declared that the might of Khitai belonged with its mages. Shortly after that he gave the order to disband the military might of the empire.

The soldiers of the Last Legion are all that remains of the greatest army of the east. They hold the Great Wall despite the lack of contact with their superiors in the east. They are true to their ideals of defending the wall and they protect the dream of the empire.

Recently, however, the Last Legion has come upon many challenges. The Scarlet Circle have decided to push their dominance in military matters and have taken up residence in the Great Wall itself. Now there is a power struggle as the Last Legion try to retain their grip on events.

Further into Khitai, former members of the Last Legion have grown aghast at the Emperor's apparent indifference to the people of the Empire. They have re-armed themselves and seek to strike back at what they see as the injustices done to the common people.

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