The Evil That Men Do
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Tortage Underhalls
Quest Starts At Idogbe
Quest Ends At Idogbe
Minimum Level 8

Objective/s • Kill the Red Hand (0/50)

Overview Edit

This quest can be obtained by speaking to Idogbe next to an empty stall in the center of the harbor market. This quest involves traveling into the Tortage Underhalls which can be accessed through a doorway to the right of the Rum 'N Rumble Inn next to a couple of Slaves. Simply kill 50 Red Hand Soldiers in the Tortage Underhalls and return to Idogbe.

Previous Quest: None

Next Quest: None

Related areas:

I. Evil Deeds of Evil Men Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Red Hand (0/50)

Journal Entry Edit

The merchant Idogbe told me a horrific tale of how the Red Hand kidnap people and take them deep into the Underhalls to be turned by evil magic into monsters. I agreed to go down there myself to kill as many Red Hand Soldiers as possible. I can find the entrance down by the harbor.

Reward Edit

XP: 0

Money: 0

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