Enigmata of Yag
Level 80

Region Khitai
Zone Kara Korum
Boss Count 1

Player Limit 6

The Enigmata of Yags is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in Kara Korum. To gain access to it, you'll need a power source from the other two dungeons in the crater.

Strategy Edit

There's 3 possible bosses in Enigmata of Yag:

  • Tetharos the Slaughterer (Melee damage)
  • X'cth the Annihilator (Holy magic damage)
  • Spawn of N'yarlathotep (Holy Magic Damage)

Most groups use a ranger to track for the rare "Spawn of N'yarlathotep", as he's much easier than the Slaughterer and rewards more Rare trophies and has a chance to drop two epic leg pieces, and a skill book every time.

Once the team enters the dungeon, there will be a Guardian close to the entrence, Dps him down to 92% and he will disapear to a random location, you have to find him and dps him down again, a total 5 times.

The last time he will be on the top of the instance, and a worm will spawn when you reach 92%. Kill the worm but watch for knockbacks.

Once the worm is dead, enter the yellow teleport that spawns, there will be some worms around the area, dont kill them as they're needed later(this area is often refered to as "downstairs")then swim up the water stream. Your now at the main boss location.

In the center there is a containment receptacle, a guardian walking around and four pillars.

One Pillar is used to unlock the Receptacle when it's locked, the 3 others give you the buff "Energenic Resonance" (+1000% damage) when you stand close to them.

The team moves to one of the small Resonance pillars, and starts to hit the Receptacle as hard as possible. Running up and doing melee dps dosent make much difference because you loose the +1k% damage buff. Soldiers should just use Crossbows with the damage buff on.

After a few seconds the Receptacle will be locked and the key thrown away by the guardian. The players will also recive a -damage debuff(Overcharge). The only way to remove this debuff is to go down and kill a worm. At the same time one player should go and look for the key that was thrown away.

The rest of the team goes up again and start to dps the Resonance pillars that are now attackable and is protecting the Receptacle. Take each one down to 55% or so, because once a pillar goes below 50% health the guardian will spawn lights that move around and teleport the players downstairs.

Note: You can also wait with going down to kill the worm untill one of the pillars is below 50% and then just walk into the teleport from guardian, then kill worm and go up and finish off the rest of the pillars.

Get them all down to 0%, at the same time the key player should have found the key by now. He comes up and unlocks the Receptacle(by clicking on the big pillar).

The team should again do full dps on the Receptacle, and get it below 25%, if the team does not manage to get it down to 25% in time. The guardian will throw away the key again, but he will also spawn heal lights that will go towards the receptacle. One player should go look for the key again, the rest kill the lights that move towards the Receptacle. If the lights make it to the Receptacle it will be healed, once the key is found, open the receptacle again and continue to dps it.

Once the Receptacle is below 25% the guardian will spawn a purple teleport that will take the player inside the Receptacle. If you go inside and kill the boss there, you complete the dungen in Normal Mode. However few does this as the Hardmode is very easy.

To complete hardmode, two players stay outside the Receptacle, the rest of the team goes inside and dps the boss below 10% health then stop. One ghost boss will spawn on the outside, one player takes aggro and kite the ghost around, the other player must Dps the Receptacle down to 0% when the boss inside is below 10%.

Once the receptacle is destroyed the team inside is teleported outside again. The Ghost boss will now become a raid boss with 12% health left. Simply dps him down to 0%.

Spawn of N'yarlathotep AA abilities:

  • Regeneration of Nyarlathotep: Heal over Time, removed with Tainted Weapons (Rogues).
  • Protection of Nyarlathotep: Damage Shield, removed with Finely Honed (Rogues).
  • Ruin of Nyarlathotep: Drains Mana, Stamina & Health from group, removed with Steadfast Faith (Priests).
  • +Wrack put on Main Tank, removed with Resolve.

X'cth the Annihilator AA abilities:

  • Annihilator's Regeneration: Heal over Time, removed with Tainted Weapons (Rogues).
  • Annihilator's Protection: Damage Shiled, removed with Finely Honed (Rogues).
  • Annihilator's Ruin: Ruin removd with Steadfast Faith (Priests).

Tetharos the Slaughterer AA abilities:

  • Slaughterer's Ruin: Drains Helth, Stamina & Mana from group, removed with Steadfast Faith (Priests)
  • + Wrack put on Main Tank, removed with Resolve.


  • Spawn of N'yarlathotep is the most common boss to kill, tanks need Holy protection while tanking him inside the Receptacle, and in the final Hardmode part on the outside. Basic blue protection gear like crafted and Xibaluku gear works just fine. 40-50% protection is recomended.

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