The name given to the entire vast arid region east of the Hyborian kingdoms, Shem and Stygia, lying between their eastern borders and the mountains along the Vilayet Sea. The Eastern Desert lies includes Turan to the north, and borders Iranistan on the south.


The Eastern Desert is the home of the Zuagir nomads, aggressive raiders whose desert-bred horses are the finest in the world. These nomads are not aligned with any of the city-states. They raid Shemitish, Zamoran and Turanian caravans and steadings for their food, weapons and wealth. Much of the mercenary work available in eastern Shem is due to fear of the Zuagir, and the kings of Turan have repeatedly sent forces into the desert to drive the Zuagir away.

The Geography of Hyboria
North Vanaheim - Asgard - Hyperborea - Cimmeria - Border Kingdom - Brythunia
South Black Kingdoms - Zembabwei - Vendhya - Kosala - Kush - Darfar - Keshan
Punt - Stygia - Iranistan
East Kambuja - Khitai - Uttara Kuru - Meru - Kusan - Hyrkania
West Zingara - Pictish Wilderness - Argos - Aquilonia - Ophir - Nemedia - Shem
Koth - Khoraja - Corinthia - Khauran - Zamora - Turan

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