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The Coldmourn is a level 80 epic weapon that drops randomly off of the appropriate level mobs. As with all weapons, its damage rating may vary based on the stances of the user: on a level 80 Conqueror with the appropriate investments in the Carnage Feat Tree who is in Frenzy Stance, it will deal 305.00 damage per second.

The Coldmourn

One-Handed Edged - Main Hand
Off Hand
"Main Hand<br />Off Hand" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

111.7 DPS (120 - 193 (1.40s))

+3% Fatality Chance
+6.8 Damage (physical)
+0.8% Tap Health %
Chance on damage, Gelid Stike on target
Chance on damage, Rending Strike on target

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