The Cistern
Level 51-61

Region Aquilonia
Zone Tarantia Noble District

Player Limit 6

The Cistern is a system of sewer tunnels under the Nobles District of Old Tarantia. It is currently an abode for bandits,thieves, and other vicious vagabonds. Adventurers seeking to enter The Main System sub-level will have to brave the dangers of the Cistern first. It is strongly recommended that players be Level 52+ before entering.

Cistern Map

Map of The Cistern

Quests Edit

Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Band of Bandits Varro Tarantia Noble District
Death to Renato Savill Varro Tarantia Noble District

The Orphans in the Hovel

Oak's Scorn



Tarantia Noble District

Tarantia Noble DIstrict

Bosses Edit

Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
Oak (53)
Renato Savill (53) [Soulthunder Spangenhelm]
Shaddrizzar Alchemy: Hepatizon

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