The Celestial Necropolis
Level 80

Region Khitai
Zone Kara Korum
Boss Count 1

Player Limit 6

The Celestial Necropolis is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in Kara Korum.

Strategy Edit

The first thing you'll notice inside the dungeon is a locked door. to open it you have to stand on the pad infront of it and use the correct emote. To open the first door you use the emote /approve on the pad and it opens. To lock the door in open position you use the emote on the other side of the door too after you've killed the npc there.

Notice that if you step off these pads before you've locked them from the other side the door or bridge will close/disapear.

Kill the mobs in the room after the door and swim upstairs, you'll reach a bridge, here you need to use 3 emotes to build the bridge. The emotes you need to use are:

  • /disagree
  • /angry
  • /laugh

The bridge is locked the same way as the first door by using the emotes again on the other side after the mobs there are dead.

Before the boss room you'll encounter another door, use /cry and /harmony to open and lock it.

Once inside the boss room you'll notice the boss "Harbinger of Jang" standing on a platform in the middle sourunded by 6 pillars. Behind each pillar there is a emote pad, during the encounter you'll use a emote on the pads to build a bridge to the boss and dps the boss.

You start the encounter by running close to the boss, once started one random pillar will become active. When a pillar becomes active it first spawns some mobs at the entrence to the boss room. Kill the mobs as fast as possible. After a few seconds a sentinel will spawn at the pillar and target a random player, the sentinel will move to the player and first become attackable when he reaches the player.

Dps the sentinel down as fast as possible before the player dies. After the sentinel is dead the group can move to the pillar he came from and activate it with the correct emote, and build a bridge to the boss, and then dps the boss. The team will then dps the boss for a few seconds until he cast "Prism Blast" then everyone should run down to the entrence again and prepare for the activation of the next pillar.

Important: Make sure you always face the pillar the sentinel will come from, because if your the one targeted and you have your back to the sentinel you'll not be able to dps him while rooted.

Starting Hardmode: To start the Hardmode, use /curse on the first pillar before you use the activation emote.

Emotes to activate pillars: Notice the names of the mobs that spawn and then run to the pillar and use the correct emote.

Notice that each pillar debuffs the group in a special way, and a big part of the challenge is to respond to the debuffs.

The Conceding pillar will debuff a random player with "Spirtual torment", it's a debuff that will do -95% hitpoints to the target and anyone within a 10m radius. Mages can remove the torment with Unbinding Charm AA ability, alternative is that the player moves away from the group and detonates.

The Joyus pillar puts a healing buff on the boss, that will heal the boss if he recives damage from the team, rogues can remove it with TSW AA ability.

The Grieving pillar debuffs the team with -25% damage ruin, priests can remove it with SF AA ability.


  • In Hardmode all the pillars emits electrical magic damage, in Normal one only the currently active pillar does.</li>
  • </li>
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