The Abyss of Kun Whu
Level 80
Abyss of Kun Whu
Region Khitai
Zone Chosain Province
Boss Count 1
End Boss Kun Whu
Player Limit 6

Strategy Edit

Optimal team: 2xTanks,Rogue,Healer,2xMages

Once you've started the encounter there will be waves of adds two at the time, the add waves will end with two Guards, after they're dead the team moves downstairs and tank aggro the boss.

Basicly just burn the boss down to 75%, he does have some abilities you should know about.

  • Sacrificial Pit - It's a very noticeable green spot on the ground, have Particles on Show all to see it. Just don't stand in it as it does damage.
  • Death of Qian - Moderate AOE damage spell around the boss, move out of range to avoid it.
  • Enslave Human - Random player will be charmed, mages can use "Unbinding Charm" on the player to break the charm. Avoid killing the charmed player.
  • Underworld Ruin - Stackable ruin put on the main tank, priests can use "Steadfast Faith" AA ability to remove it. Remove when it's stacked 2x.

At 75/50/25% the boss goes to the altar and become immune to damage. One player has to use the knife on the altar and go to the underworld, kill the mobs down there, and reach the end of the area. Once at the end, notify the team and two players have to /kneel at the correct coloured pad, look at the colour below the boss to see what pad to kneel at. When the player returns to the group he has to hit the boss.

While the boss is immune to damage at 75/50/25 there will be adds spawning, at 75% there is one add, at 50% there is 2 adds, and at 25% there is also 2. In the underworld there is 2 mobs for the player to kill on first run(75%), at 50% there is 4, and at 25% there is 6 mobs. You have to send a different player each time.

At 50% two healers will spawn, kill them to proceed in Normal Mode, leave them alive to do Godslayer Mode. If you choose to do Godslayer Mode, then the rogue must remove the heals from the boss with his TSW AA abilitity.

It has to be a different player who go to the underworld at 75/50/25, so select carefully who you send at each part. It is however possible to just run through the underworld without fighting and be summoned at the end just kiting the mobs along.

Notes Edit

  • There's 4 different colours you can kneel at, Blue, Green, Red, and Black. Black however is hard to spot on the boss.
  • A extra Mage is prefered for last DPS slot as opposed to Melee because they can Spellweave at ranged and avoid AOE dmg from boss, while a Assasin for example must run in and out because of low health.
  • The optimal Underworld runner setup is 75%: Rogue, 50%: Mage, 25:% Mage, the main thing is that you need to have your rogue upstairs to remove heals from 50%. And Tanks and healers are also needed upstairs to deal with adds.

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