Tarantia Common District
Level 75+
Commons 3
Region Aquilonia
Type Adventure Region
Connections Old Tarantia
Dungeons Iron Tower

Crows Nest
Attilius' Mansion

Tarantia Common District is an outdoor playfield for level 75 and up. You will be able to experience countless more hours of content with a whole new series of quests, outdoor boss encounters scaling from the high rooftops of the district to the dark mysterious graveyard, and the addition of a single-player as well as a 6-man grouped dungeon.

History Edit

The Common District has always been perceived as a place where the dregs of society congregate. From wily cutthroats and agile pickpockets, to the destitute and desperate, are all found within the slums of Tarantia. However, troubled times have come to Tarantia Common District that is located next to the Noble District entrance.


  • This zone has been added in patch 1.05
  • Contains new quests, a new dungeon, and factions. [1]
  • When entering Tarantia Commons, you will need to decide on what faction to quest with. [2]
  • Many quests have players running on top of rooftops and climbing ladders.[3]
  • Multiple ways of completing quest tasks. [4]
  • More puzzle like quests (not just in TC, but everywhere). [5]
  • Originally designed for level 40+. [6] but upgraded and now intended for the 70+ range [7]




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