Taramis is the queen of Khauran. She had a sister named Salome, who everybody thought dead few hours after birth. However, Salome was alive, and returned to Khauran many years later. Due to Salome's striking recemblance to the queen, she was able to imitate hear to get into the queens palace and capture the queen, sending her to one of the dungeons without the population knowing. Salome then acted as Taramis, the queen of Khauran, although her style of rule was very different from Taramis'. She took Constantius as her royal consort, let his army of Shemites into the city and disbanded the Khauran army. Conan, who was captain of the royal guard, was captured by the Shemites and Constantius crucified him in a tree outside the city.

Taramis was kept in the dungeon, guarded by some of Salome's trusted priests and brutes, being tortured by Salome herself. Eventually, a former soldier of Khauran named Valerius, playing the part of a deaf beggar, managed to get near the dungeon and heard Salome talk to one of the guards about Taramis. Valerius was loyal to his queen, and when Conan was attacking the city with his army of former Khauran soldiers and Zuagirs, he and four other men went to the dungeon where Taramis was kept and managed to free her. However, they were noticed by Salome, who together with a brutish priest, managed to slay the four other men and take away Taramis. Valerius, not giving up on freeing his queen, went after them towards the temple. He caught up with them at the steps of the temple, killing the priest and managing to stab Salome through the chest before she killed Taramis.

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