Tamarin Tigers

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Tamarin's TigersEdit


Tamarin’s Tigers are a band of mercenaries from Vendhya, come to Khitai to fight in the war between the cities of Gun Xiu and Gun Hai. Their methods of warmaking are direct and brutal – they whip themselves into frenzy and then ride their fearsome Vaaghasan mounts into battle.

Tamarin’s Tigers are known for their bizarre body-piercings and tattoos. Some of the more aggressive members of the mercenary company have filed their teeth to points. Repeated rumor states that the mercenary company was expelled from Vendhya for their practice of cannibalism.

Tamarin’s men have commited themselves to the southern city of Gun Xiu. They have taken control of security for the entire city and they rule the population with an iron fist. They regularly enlist recruits from the city of Shaulun – but those who fail find themselves in a cooking pot more often than not.


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Gun Xui, Chosain Province (685, 110)Edit

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