Talisman of Power


A talisman is an item that is classified as a weapon, that can be equipped instead of a normal Weapon or a Shield, in order to enhance the user in many things, especially in Magic Damage. They can not be used for Melee attacks, meaning it can not be used to physicly harm an enemy, and have various forms that may look like shields, small staffs, big medallions, books, etc.

There are several classes that can use talismans: Demonologist , Tempest of Set , Priest of Mitra , Necromancer , Herald of Xotli and Dark Templar . As most of these classes are Mages and Priests, most talismans have Intelligence and/or Magic Damage stats to enhance spells in healing and damage, while the talismans with combat rating and Strength are only used by Dark Templars . There are also talismans that are useful for all classes, as they enhance Constitution, Mana, Hit Rating, Protection, Fatality Rating, etc.

Some talismans can only be equipped in Off-Hand, while other can be equipped in both Main Hand and off-hand making it possible to Dual Wield two talismans. The possible combination of talismans and weapons are with a Dagger, a One-Handed Blunt or a One-Handed Edged.

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