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Sustaining Faith

Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 35
Max rank 1
Mana Cost 0 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Channeling Friendly Personal Spell

Recast 5 minutes

Effect over time Renews 15% of max mana every 2 seconds

Duration 8.5 seconds
This prayer for sustaining faith grants a large increase to the priest's mana regeneration rate. There is no mana cost for this prayer.

Sustaining Faith is a Priest of Mitra channeled spell which regenerates 15% of the the priest's max mana every 2 seconds.

Related FeatsEdit

  • Undying Belief: Improves the Sustining Faith spell by reducing recast time by 30 seconds per rank. Also grants a mana absorb shield when the channeling completes.
  • (AA) Expanded Conviction: Decreases the channeling interval of Sustaining Faith by -0.1 seconds per rank. (so with 1 feat invested the mana regene happens every 1.9 seconds and so on).
  • (AA) Improved Conviction: Decreases the recast time of Sustaining Faith by 6 seconds per rank

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