Last week we announced our basic subscription prices. Today we wanted to give you the entire pricing structure for Age of Conan, including the favorable three and six month packages which give discounts.

Without further ado, the monthly subscription prices for Age of Conan are as follows:

North America & Oceania Edit

MonthlyPer MonthTotal
1 Month14.99 USD14.99 USD
3 months13.99 USD41,97 USD
6 months12.99 USD77.94 USD

Europe Edit

Monthly Per Month Total Total Incl. VAT*
1 Month 12.99 EUR 12.99 EUR 14.94 EUR
3 months 11.99 EUR 35.97 EUR 41.37 EUR
6 months 10.99 EUR 65.94 EUR 75.83 EUR
  • VAT only applicable in EU member states

Question: How comes we have to pay much more that the americans?

United Kingdom Edit

MonthlyPer MonthTotalTotal Incl. VAT
1 Month8.99 GBP8.99 GBP10.34 GBP
3 months8.39 GBP25.17 GBP28.95 GBP
6 months7.69 GBP46.14 GBP53.06 GBP

In addition to the online subscriptions, players can also purchase 60-day timecards in retail stores around Europe, North America and Oceania. The recommended retail price for 60-day timecards is 29.99 USD / 29.99 EUR (including VAT where applicable). Markets outside Europe, Oceania and North America will follow European pricing.

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